With more and more connectivity in our lives and homes, we’re more and more in need of a peaceful space to rest and recharge. A place where we can keep the outside world out. Soon you’ll be able to buy wallpaper that does just that.

Once in a while, we all long to be unreachable. To disconnect from our increasingly over-connected lives. Sometimes all we want is to pull up the drawbridge and make our home an impenetrable fortress, or to escape and live on a remote desert island, far from the never-ending demands of modern society. Maybe all we actually need to do is turn off our mobile phones more often. But who has time for that in the daily stress of life? Fortunately, there will soon be a solution: wallpaper that shuts mobile signals out of a room.

The signal-reducing wallpaper has a layer of super-fine silver threads that act as an antenna shield around the space, effectively stopping mobile signals from getting in or out. The silver mesh is also the reason for the major downside to the product, the price tag. Exactly where the price point will end up hasn’t been decided yet but expect it to be painful. On the other hand, can you really put a price on peace and quiet?

We ran an experiment in which we asked a family to live without their phones for a while. We used the wallpaper to screen off the home. It worked very well but it’s worth remembering that the signal will still get through windows. Therefore the wallpaper is best for small windowless spaces, if you’ve got any of those at home.

Prepping is a movement that’s been attracting attention recently. It’s when people who are rolling in money build themselves luxury bunkers to be able to survive in if they need to. Maybe this wallpaper could be a form of “prepping lite” for everyone. We could all do with our own version of a luxury bunker – a relaxation space where the stress of the outside world is kept at bay by paper-covered silver mesh.

The wallpaper is currently at the prototype stage and is going to need further development before it is ready to be sold in our stores.