We’ve put together some suggested simple “home hacks” and products to cut down screen time and maximise quality family time.

Put your wifi on a timer
Get together and decide which times of the day that are going to be screen-free for the whole family. For example, set a screen-free time for homework in the afternoons or for winding down before bed. To make sure it actually works, you can use a simple timer to control when the router or wifi is on.

Build a combined charging station and phone shelf
Create a “phone hotel” for the whole family, located far from the bedrooms, living room and dining room. Make your phone shelf the only place where the family’s screens and phones are charged. That way your phones won’t be constantly close at hand. Here is a description of how to build one. And if you need them, you can find extra chargers here.

Get rid of unnecessary screens
The average English household is said to have an average of 7.4 internet-enabled devices. The more screens and other gadgets you’ve got at home, the wider the range of distractions.

Set your phone to greyscale
This instantly makes the mobile experience more boring, reducing the attraction of time-wasting tapping. Find out how here.

Install apps to limit use
Apps such as Kidslox and Moment monitor how much you use your phones and can even control how much access each member of the family has to different apps or devices.

Leave your charger behind when you’re travelling
It stops you running down your battery and cuts your screen use.

Buy a disposable camera at the start of your holiday and use that instead
A disposable camera will stop you from grabbing your phone every time you need to document a family moment. Otherwise it’s far too easy to quickly check Instagram while you’re at it.