Styling: Lisa Milberg and Leo Forssell
Photo: Adéle Askelöf

Interior designers Lisa Milberg and Leo Forssell run Auktionstipset, an Instagram  guide to fabulous items in online auctions across Scandinavia. Here they share ideas on how to design your home for more time recharging and spending time together as a family.

A round dining table can really improve how social a room feels. The round table makes it easier to get closer to each other than when everyone is facing each other on opposite sides of a rectangle. Once the meal is over, the family seamlessly carries on hanging out, doing crafts and making plans. The conversation around the table simply carries on for longer, bringing the family closer together.

If you need to quickly tidy up, cleverly designed furniture makes it easier. Here the answer is a home-made pine plywood table with three sections and some handy storage blocks that double as chairs, and that combine to make a sideboard.

The blocks also provide storage for craft materials and games, and, like the table, are made from thick pine plywood.

In Lisa and Leo’s sofa corner, the seating is designed so that you can sit across from each other with the coffee table as a hub, instead of lined up facing the TV. On the coffee table there’s a collection of objects that are pleasing to look at, that you want to flick through, touch and talk about. Souvenirs, photo albums and bits and bobs that guests ask about and that get conversations going. We believe that having favourite objects close at hand where you can see them and be reminded of happy experiences and places, makes you feel good. people feel better for seeing their favourite items and having them close to hand, as a reminder of other places and experiences. Pouffes and storage blocks are easy to take with you if the party shifts to another part of the home.

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